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We can help you buy the house that you have always wanted, or sell the one you have.


Banks recently have become more aggressive foreclosing properties. It is especially important to address this situation before it takes place. If you have any equity, it may be possible for you to receive cash after closing. If you wait until after the auction, all of that may be gone.


A "Lease Option" is a great solution for many owners of both single family and multifamily properties. 


When a homeowner passes away leaving behind a property, after the grieving process, the descendants must then decide what to do with that property. This can be a difficult and emotional experience. Our Team understands all of the emotions and questions involved as many have gone through the same process and know how to avoid the problems and pitfalls that arise during this process.


Is your house in bad shape? We have seen almost everything from the "perfect house" all the way to missing floors and missing plumbing, and everything in between.  Many people, if they have dealt with a rehab project and the issues associated with getting a property done correctly and in a reasonable time, dealing with contractors, inspectors and delivery delays, vow that they would never do it again.


You may be in the position where your property's market value (what a buyer will pay for it) is less than what is owed. This is very common in this market. Your property is now "underwater." Do you want, or need to move? Selling the house for less than what is owed is called a "short sale." The bank has to approve a short sale offer and their rules seem to change every day. A skilled short sale negotiator can cut through this often frustrating process.


There many vacant houses in neighborhoods all around us. Perhaps one of them is, or was yours.